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Sep. 18th, 2010

Today was a perfectly average day in the life of Laura Vidale. I have eaten breakfast at a 5-star restaurant, been hit on in Spanish, talked to crazy street performers, was offered drugs, watched my friend spend $200 in five hours at one mall, got soaked, was asked to teach someone the art of feminity, and hung out at a random person's house. And of course, all the while, consumed immeasurable amounts of sugar, chocolate, and caffine.

I spent the morning in downtown Seattle, interviewing street performers for the school paper. I even got to witness a bitchfight between two very gay street-performing guitar-players. Afterwards, I went to Kent to meet Susie and Dillon, but before they showed up, three random girls my age, one of whom was carrying a baby, came up and offered me cigarettes and weed. I disregarded this.

Then, my friends showed up, and our shopping adventure began.

From this point on, Dillon Westerman will narrarate the events of the day. Forgive any spelling errors, because they are not my fault.

OK then.....

My story now, while in early morning Seattle, I was approached by 2 awkwardly strange black people, at different times of course, not be racist, they were really really just bad looking and acting people towards me. Of during that time I was also waiting for my bus to Kent, which of itself is a "pleasent" thing to wait for. No, I'm being sarcastic, bus smelled, crowded and I was stuck by hippies that had the wrenching smell of bad weed, not fun.

After the long ride of seemed forever on that damn bus, the arrival of Kent Station was upon my sight, finally off of what seemed of a bad morning, I headed to where Susies moms shop was to meet.. Well, Susie. Then when I see her, she looked like she was on deathbed look when she told me she had a cold. then after i saw her, we went to where she worked to go get her paycheck of yadda-yadda-yadda I'm boring you I know. Now to the shopping experiences............... ~Yay~

first stop oh hell i don't even remember, i think it was charlotte russe i think ah to hell with it im a guy i hate shopping unless i need something. Then Thai for Lunch, which is always exciting with extra dabs of chili paste that burn your taste buds right off of your tongue.

After the searing taste buds, it was off to forever 21, where i came across my cute, 26~ish friend of mine and her friend and our little awkward moment. then while there, i had to essentially keep my eye out for both Laura and Susie, which was a bitch when Susie is shorter than everything there.

then the neighbor shop across from it, love culture, sure does love the culture in there when it was primarly asians that were in there and barely caucasions. why do i put myself through this, must be going insane.

then in between there.. i think was actually hot topic, wet seal, a phone case buying which i thought it was totally nice to see all the cases... not.

Buckle, well thats where Susie went calmly at with searching for stuff and fell in love with this see through shirt with a nice looking coloring and pattern, well a man can pray for a rainy day and a white tank top with that. O.o

oh yea, love culture and charlotte russe again...... then it was the sight of a lady in sephora with these gaudy eyelashes and Laura's apperant narcassism. Then to the Apple store for fun pictures on the Mac's there. then home after all that passed, being able to sit once again in a bus, for once felt relaxing with a friend to talk to there.

That's my story there. laugh, praise or look at it funny with your head tilted to the side saying "huh?"

Laura again:
Fucking wow. I totally didn't expect Dillon to get this into it. He should really start a blog.

Anyway. That about sums it up.


Dear Spider,

While I harbor no ill feelings towards you, nor do I begrudge your decision to take up residence in my room, I implore that you reconsider it. For an entire week and two days, we have coexisted in harmony, but upon our encounter today, I have reached the conclusion that we are better off as far apart as possible.

Sincerely and very best wishes,


So my friend Jazzy has this thing called the "Flannigan Archives" wherein she chronicles the adventures of her father's childhood friend idiot extraordinaire, Jimmy Flannigan.

I should start a Creepers Archive. I run into multiple creepers a day, these days. The creeper rate seems to have doubled or something.

Today, I was on the 550 to Bellevue, when two frat boys kept asking what I was reading. I didn't want to tell them I was reading Oscar Wilde's lovely, amorous letter to Sir Alfred, so I ignored them. Then they started insulting me as though I couldn't hear them.

Also, YESTERDAY on the bus I was sitting with Mia when this guy just walked up to us and crashed into us. Totally on purpose. And TODAY I was heading into downtown when I ran into this middle schooler I had met at camp and then this 60 year old started creeping on her. Moreover ANOTHER guy sat down next to me and muttered that I was beautiful in my ear as I was leaving.

But what is the psychology of creeping? Where the hell do these people come from?! What do they think they will accomplish, huh?!

I would bet $50 I see a creeper on the ride into school tomorrow morning as well.

Boredom and the Lack of Quality Fanfiction

I hate-hate, hate, HATE getting up late. When I wake up late, I always regret missing out on those hours earlier in the morning. Then I fall into my bad habit of reading terrible fanfiction, then, realizing its lack of quality, become angry and frustrated that there is no good fanfiction for a particular story or pairing or whatever. Or worse yet, if I'm feeling particularly brain-dead, I ENJOY the bad fanfiction! Oh, the horror! Clearly this is a dire situation. 

Also, I've gotten into the habit of reading (and don't you DARE laugh at me!) Super Smash Bros Brawl Club fanfiction. It's just awful. I mean, it's not like I play the game-I've some semblance of a life, you know, but I simply can't get enough of some rather dubious pairings in that fandom. Perhaps this is because I find Marth lovely and absolutely adorable, but I read, like, MarthxEveryone. I think I've only come across about three or four remotely decent stories, two of which were extreme crack, one of which was a really long overly romantic fic, and one of which was just a oneside that was unbelievably unsatisfying. 

Another (obnoxious) thing I noticed was that, when I turn my iTunes on to shuffle, I hate most of the songs that come up. Did I really buy so many songs that I don't even like/want to listen to? I mean, it usually takes about six or seven clicks before I get a song I want.

I really ought to say something positive today: well, I DID get the movies "Lost in Translation", which I adored, "Casablanca", which is a classic for a REASON, and "Some Like it Hot". Everyone knows that the best part of that movie is the last line.

"I'm a MAN!"
"Nobody's perfect."

I especially love the horrified look on Jerry's face right after.


Someone left the cake out in the rain!

A counterpart to Reo's "a random discussion about cake"

 It's funny how life, when you really consider it, is a long interdependent, rather random chain of events-an endless cause and effect chart.  Eating a cheerio at age three could easily be the cause of say----sticking a piece of gum under your desk at age sixteen. Or just as easily, getting a tooth pulled out at age eight. Or even losing your virginity at age fourteen! It all depends on your choices. Or, if you don't believe in free will, fate. Or God's choices. Yes, it was GOD'S choice that you lost your virginity, haha! Don't hurt me-I'm just SAYING!

Yes, I actually do have a point. Take for example today. Two seemingly unrelated events. The fire that took place in my room this morning, burning my pillow to ashes...and the bizarre conversation with my friend, analyzing the horrendous song, "MacArthur Park".

See, had not the tension been building in me since I got out of bed and burned my foot, I would not have gone into hysterics about said abysmal song, and worse, actually invented hypothetical interpretations of it!

Actually the conversation goes somewhat thus:

Me: OMG, so I was at rehearsal today when I heard all these guys singing "MacArthur Park" in the boy's bathroom....it was the weirdest thing!
Reo: I HATE that song. It is possibly the worst one ever written! I actually thought it was a love song to cake!
Me: Haha, I like that! So then in all those verses, he was actually describing the cake?!
Reo: Yeah, how was I supposed to know the cake was a metaphor!?
Me: Oh, so it was THE CAKE he was comparing to a striped pair of pants!?
Reo: Well, yeah!
Me: It's probably better that way because the cake might not be as offended as a person would be at that description.
Reo: Exactly, because, you see, the cake is an inanimate object.
Me: It would still be a bit offended though.
Reo: No! It was probably more concerned with, you know, the fact that it was melting in the rain.
Me: Well, it would still add insult to injury if, while you're melting, your love compares you to a pair of pants.
Reo: I still don't think he'd really care.
Me: Wait-HE?! So, now we're assuming that the cake is male?
Reo: Yeah, why not?
Me: So this guy is in a homosexual relationship with a piece of cake?!
Reo: He's in a relationship with a PIECE OF CAKE. I don't think its gender really matters.
Me: No, I'm just wondering why you made that assumption....WAIT-so it was the cake who was wearing the yellow cotton dress then!
Reo: Yeah, the dress was probably its frosting.
Me: So we're talking about a homosexual relationship between a crossdressing male cake and a man!

Yah...don't ask.


Synthesis Essays

 do not bring joy to the world.

Moral Dilemma

 I am in a weird position. Ok, so my grandmother cannot cook at all. But she keeps offering my food, and I keep rejecting her offers. She now thinks I am anorexic or something, and is on a campaign to get me to eat.

But I can't tell her that it's only HER food I don't want.

...what should I do?

Favorite Music

Music rambling today. 

Favorite artist ever: Mazzy Star.

Why: Hope's lyrics are what I like to describe as "poetically vague". They sound beautiful, and have emotional meaning, but oftentimes it is difficult to create a literal interpretation. Also her voice alternates between calming, washing over your senses like a breath of cold, night air, and melancholy. Occasionally, it can even be invigorating (as in "Blue Flower"). The ethereal music adds to the atmospheric feel of all their pieces. 

Favorite song (of all time actually) by Mazzy: Blue Light

Other favorites: Halah, Feeling of Gaze, Fade Into You, Flowers of December, Five String Serenade, She's My Baby, Cry, Cry

Other favorites: Imogen Heap (solo and in Frou Frou), Bob Dylan, Ani Difranco, Sia, Feist, Joni Mitchell, Adam Pascal, Frank Sinatra

Imogen Heap: is perfectly amazing. Her lyrics usually are more specific in their meaning, but ever so insightful, always. Most of what I know of her is what she recorded for Frou Frou, except for her singles. Her voice is also very light and evocative. She proves that electronica doesn't always have to be mind-numbingly simple, a previous misconception of mine.

Favorites: Must Be Dreaming, Breathe, Hide and Seek, Holding Out for a Hero, Goodnight and Go, Hear Me Out

Bob Dylan: Naturally I like Dylan. Explanation unnecessary. His voice does leave a bit to be desired, haha. 

Favorites: Blowin' in the Wind, Just Like a Woman, Ballad of a Thin Man, On the Road Again

Joni Mitchell: Same goes for Joni. Except her voice is amazing too.

Favorites: The Gallery, Song to a Seagull, Chelsea Morning, The Circle Game, River, Night in the City

Ani Difranco: I may not always like the semi-obnoxious way she chooses to portray herself, but I find her lyrics insightful and through-provoking. 

Favorites: Both Hands, Fire Door, The Slant, Shy, Subdivision, Pixie, Untouchable Face, 32 Flavors, The Whole Night

Sia: most of her songs are clever, but her voice and lyrics can be absolutely heart-breaking.

Favorites: Breathe Me, Lullaby, Lentil, Buttons, Playground, Academia

Feist: very expressive voice...and lyrics that are surprising in the phrasing the way someone who's not fluent in English is eloquent.  She IS fluent, but her phrasing is very unique, as is her accent.

Favorites: Honey, Honey, The Water, 1234, Sea Lion Woman

Adam Pascal: He's mostly famous for his work on Broadway, but he makes a pretty good light rock singer too. His voice is very, very powerful.

Favorites: I'm With You, Tomorrow and the Sun, Beautiful Song

Worst Songs

It is unanimous that the worst song ever is MacArthur Park. Haha, my friend listened to it and actually thought it was a love song to cake. Haha. 

However, there are songs I dislike more. For example, anything by the oft-bashed Celine Dion, for her laughable seriousness. Also, In the Year 2525 fills me with dread, but for the music of the future, not the terrible events predicted in the song. I harbor a deep resentment for the Jonas Brother's for effeminat-ing (not a word, but whatever) the song "Take On Me" by A-ha. Also, the entire cast of High School Musical makes me want to commit suicide by means of strangling myself with one of my scarves. Also, Who Let the Dogs Out is quite uninspiring. I heard that several sports teams are in contention about who first used it as their theme song, which, in my humble opinion, is a bit like scientists arguing over who created anthrax.

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome...

 I absolutely adore Leavenworth....hence it being my avatar. Anyway, I drove over there today...it was fun, and there's way more to do than I previously thought. I love the town, because garish and artificial as it, it feels different, and silly as I am, it makes me feel surreal, like weird, surprising things could happen there. They don't of course, it's just a decorated tourist town, but I guess it's that feeling that keeps me coming back despite the two-hour drive.  Besides, there are actually a lot of worthwhile shops and restaurants, and it's quite possible to spend the whole day simply exploring. I think it's best when you haven't been there before, because of how strikingly bizarre the first impression is. 

I'm so scared that I'll run out of new places to go, new people to meet, and new ideas to analyze. Thank God there are so many places, people, and ideas that I couldn't get through a thousandth of them in my lifetime.

I watched Cabaret, and it's absolutely lovely. Joel Grey's oscar was well-deserved. Liza Minnelli's acting was amazing, although it was debatable whether or not she was actually acting. The song "Willkommen" has been stuck in my head all week, and it didn't help when I saw the word written in ornamented, curly letters on at least five buildings in Leavenworth. Now I really want to learn German. Let's add that to the list. (Japanese, French, Italian, Greek, Latin, now German, probably about ten more I can't remember right now...etc.)
 And, although I know I do this quite (obnoxiously) often, I would like to state that I'm having a terrible time trying to make myself look halfway decent today.

I look like the living dead, and it doesn't seem like much can be done about it.

I got TAGGED...well, sort of.

I have been tagged (voluntarily) through reading my friend's tagged list...here goes...not that anyone cares...or if they do they shouldn't....

1. My vital statistics are as follows:
Name: ...will not disclose online
Age: somewhere between one and one hundred
Hair color: Red (naturally brown)
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 129lbs.
Measurements: 36-23-36

....all of which is OBVIOUSLY completely useful and relevant information!

2) When there is blank paper or a word document in front of me, I must write. Regardless of whether it's complete nonsense.

3) Formatting kills me.

4) Vintage shops=AMAZING, JOYFUL BLISS

5) Rants are not my specialty, but rambling is.

6) My dancing is a sorry, horrific sight.

7) Contrary to popular belief, going for a walk at three in the morning is a VERY prudent, practical, and all-around smart thing to do.

8) Ditto for getting on a random bus just to see where it takes me.

9) A few of my friends are smart, many are random, and a few are just plain idiots.

10) It is rare for me to be seen in jeans.

11) Fruits and vegetables are my FRIENDS.

12) People who like vanilla more than chocolate are just plain deluded.

13) Mystery Science Theater 3000 is pure genius.

14) I am the queen of typos, as my friend who is watching me type this can see.

15) The Gnome Song is to be DREADED. Don't believe me? Well, don't take MY word for it! Hear it for yourself!

16) I will battle anyone who declares in my presence that Twilight is anything more than glorified fanfiction.

17) Maybe I'm crazy, but I think running actually feels GOOD.

18) I know the most self-centered person on this planet. No way do you know anyone HALF as bad.

19) Songs flit randomly in and out of my head at the speed of lightning!

20) Oooh! My favorite word, like, EVER is "clandestine".

21) I can beat you at philosophisizing!

22) I can attach two dog collars and wear them as a belt!

23) 2009 has so far been one hundred times better than 2008 was.

24) My lack of talent at every single team sport is such that it displays talent. Really.

25) I'm overjoyed that I'm on my last statement!